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We use the latest technology, including the Tick Box Tick Control System, and natural plant oil-based Eco-Via insecticide. Our experts will listen to your concerns, evaluate your site, and make recommendations on how to prevent and avoid encounters with ticks. Whether yours is a residential, commercial or public property, we can provide a Green Solution that’s right for you.

We use a 3-Step Process to control ticks, and reduce your chances of contracting Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Most sites will benefit from season-long 24/7 Tick Box Control Systems, plus up to four Eco-Via applications each year beginning in April and ending in November.

Step 1

We begin with a Free Site Evaluation. We will perform an initial remote review of your property using Google Earth to identify Tick Zones. If Tick Zones are found, we will first provide advice on reducing them, discuss options for treatment and provide an estimate for services. If no potential tick habitat is found, we can point you towards resources to help reduce your chances of tick bites at home, or wherever you go!

Call or Text 608-209-8298 to Schedule Your Site Survey for a Free Site Estimate
(Survey conducted remotely via Google Earth)

Step 2

We will let you know if the patented Tick Box Tick Control System is right for your site including how many boxes are needed to reduce tick populations on your property by as much as 97% by the end of two years. A certified technician will visit the property, make any updates to the site plan that may be needed, and perform the installation.

The Tick Box Tick Control System is a small, plastic box containing mouse bait and an insecticide that kills ticks. As a mouse moves through the box, it will brush against a small applicator wick, gently applying traces of the insecticide. The insecticide kills any ticks on the mice but won’t harm mice or any other animal that might touch or even eat it. A single dose protects mice for up to 40 days against any new ticks. As mice return to the box, they receive additional protection. Boxes are self-contained, and the insecticide used is not a threat to any other animals. The box is effective for about 90 days. Two installations take care of ticks for a full season.

Developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Connecticut Tick Control Company, the Tick Box Tick Control System has been proven effective in significantly reducing the number of ticks present in the landscape.

In field trials, the Tick Box Tick Control System reduced tick populations by as much as 88% after just one year, and 97% by the end of the second year of placement.

The rate of infection in ticks that remain in the landscape also decreases: While 25% of nymph ticks present commonly carry disease, the System reduces the percentage of infected ticks to just 7% of the total population after the first year, which continues to decrease during the second year of treatment

Tick Box Control Sytem Anatom

Step 3

A Certified Applicator will treat the Tick Zones with Eco-Via, a research-based botanical which contains a comprehensive range of natural plant oils. The application will be made with a high-pressure sprayer to ensure thorough coverage.

Eco-Via contains a natural plant oil active ingredient and is a highly effective, broad spectrum product extensively tested in the lab and proven in the real world. Eco-Via botanical oils were specifically chosen for their efficacy on a wide range of crawling and flying Insects. There are no pyrethroid or neonicotinoid use restrictions. Eco-Via may be used near and over water such as around boat docks and marshy areas and is suitable for green service programs.